Apple Facing Lawsuit over iOS 4 Update

by Ryan On November - 6 - 2010

Apple is currently under fire from Cohelan Khoury & Singer, a law firm located in San Diego, CA. The firm is attempting to file a class action lawsuit against the company on behalf of its client, Bianca Wofford. The lawsuit centers around the iOS 4 update that occurred earlier in the year and claims that Apple has been acting on “unsavory, dishonest and deceptive business practices.”

The plaintiff’s core argument is that the iOS 4 update essentially renders the older, iPhone 3G models completely useless. Wofford has stated that her iPhone has retained only “about twenty percent functionality” after the update. Furthermore, the suit alleges that because Apple would not allow customers to roll back to a previous version of their mobile OS, they were intentionally manipulating users to purchase an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. Wired magazine mentions that the lawsuit must be approved by a judge before it can gain class action status, but that is the aim of Wofford and the law firm.

This sounds pretty hokey to me; anyone out there with an iPhone 3G find themselves in the same boat?

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4 Responses so far
  1. Erick Said,

    Yeah, but like a good Apple fanboy I upgraded my phone. To be fair I was looking at other mobile phones but figured I’ll stay with the iPhone.

    Posted on November 6th, 2010 at 4:20 pm

  2. Eric Said,

    No, this actually holds some truth. Anyone with a 3G who updates to iOS4 would see a slow down due to the phone’s lack of processing power to handle the new features. I think the 20% functionality is probably not true, but it was known to have issues. Also, her point about not being able to roll back to a previous version isn’t impossible, but it’s definitely not something Apple allows people to do easily. Apple has always been known to try to push their new products and model versions on people. It will be interesting to see where this lawsuit leads.

    Posted on November 6th, 2010 at 5:30 pm

  3. Ryan Said,

    C’mon, Erick, we all know you serve the Penguin. :)

    Posted on November 6th, 2010 at 9:00 pm

  4. Brian Said,

    There were problems with the initial release of iOS 4 causing problems with earlier iPhones and iPod touches, but that’s already been fixed in a point revision.

    The “20%” is a subjective made-up number. I predict this case isn’t going anywhere.

    Posted on November 6th, 2010 at 9:42 pm

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